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About the Marty and Matt's Pro Scouting Report
For those of you who are here for the first time, let me tell you that this report isn't like all the others!
First of all, we are a father and son team who do this because we love it.
Marty has been doing this since 1984, while Matt joined with his Dad in 1991 at the age of eleven!
Secondly, we are convinced that some pro-quality players exist in the FCS, II, NAIA, CIS and even III.
They may not all have NFL potential, but they may have "pro" football potential.
Finally, we want you to enjoy the site, and therefore the draft, as much as we do.
That's why we build the site day by day, right before your eyes. We do not put the names in any particular order.
They appear in random order, and we really don't finish the book until sometime in March. 
So visit us often, watch our Scouting Report take shape, and please send us your steals.
Marty & Matt
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